Showing the difference

How does performance look compared to last month?

This could be a typical question in which analysis plays an important role. Looking into variance over time is something we do in lots of business reviews. Giving insight into these kind of questions can be hard, because there are lots of categories and dimensions in which this variance can occur. In this post I would like to showcase some more options in covering these differences within other dimensions (categories).

In this next example red indicates exceeding the budget, green represents a surplus versus the budget.

Showing differences

At a glance you get an immediate feel for how good or bad the differences are. The labels add some detail, although they do not add much to the intuitiveness of the visualization. Important for quick interpretation are the color coded bars, they give you information about how much these differences are.

You could develop a chart like this by using a horizontal stacked bar chart. In this example we need one dimension (in this case the ‘ActivityDescription’), 5 expressions for handling the calculations and one expression for a popup label which appears when hovering over the bars.

You can have a look at the sample app which could help you building charts and insights like these for yourself.

Have fun!