Starting your ideas around a mashup dashboard can sometimes be a time consuming thing to do. Especially when you’re starting your efforts with coding it with HTML/CSS/JS. For this I’ve been researching a few methods and tools to be able to speed up the process of prototyping.


I still use bootstrap a lot, which, according to the experts, could be better done with for example Angular JS. But since I understand bootstrap a bit better, it is still my preferred framework of use. When you are out there looking for tools that can help you, you’ll find there are lots of alternatives. A search on ‘bootstrap tools’ using will give you a nice list of tools available.


After testing quite a few I ended up using Pingendo.

The following GIF will give you an impression on how it can be used and what it looks like prototyping a mashup template.

Pingendo Prototyping


After dragging and dropping some elements and components on the canvas, you’ll have some HTML and CSS to start with.


I hope this bit of information is useful to you. Otherwise let me know 😉

See you next post.