Ever since I caught the hype of the ‘Quantified Self‘, I am oftentimes on the outlook for data that can be recorded automatically and says something about me. The goal for me with this is to explore things like that and to be able to learn from it.


I now, for example, know that I do somewhere around 1.3 million keysstrokes every year. And I also do 2,500 left clicks on my mouse on a daily basis. I collect this data with a very small software utility called ‘Mousotron’. The data is being recorded on a daily basis and creates a logfile on my filesystem that I can slurp in using on of my favorite software tools out there 😉


With this post I’d like to offer you guys a bite-sized article to also be able to collect your mouse and keyboard stats from your own machines.


The interface in the above image shows you what I am looking at now. Not to advanced but it does help me to learn from this data. What I would like to know is how these stats would compare to others. Maybe a future post could help me gather also the data from you guys to combine into one view and be able to do some comparisons.

For now this post is almost finished. You can download the following to achieve the same results as I have now:

  • Mousotron, which is the utility that you need to run in the background with the start of your machine. Configure it to start when your machine starts.
  • The App, which is the QVF file that takes in the data from the logfile coming from mousotron, try a reload and see if it works.

Both files are packed into a zip file.

To make this app work out of the box I have configured mousotron like this: