Information design tips on Qlik Sense

Lately I’ve been getting some questions on how to work with information design in Qlik Sense. Two of the most are:

  1. How to work with images
  2. How to use color coding in visualizations

So here are a few tips covering just these.

So how do you add images to your application?

This is quite simple but you just need to know how to do it. Once you are in edit mode, the left sidebar (with all the objects in there) will have an object for ‘text and images’. When you take this object and drag and drop it to the canvas, like this:

Adding images to the canvas.


Next you will have to configure your image object.

  1. Click on the image object
  2. On the right side bar there will be an option called ‘Background image’ > activate it
  3. Images that will need to show up for you to choose need to be placed in the local qlik sense folder on your hard drive
  4. The path will be: C:\Users\{Your user name here}\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Content
  5. Then select the image of your choice
  6. Resize the object to fit your design

Easy right?


How to use color coding in Qlik Sense?

For people with Qlikview experience, they’ll might know that we have a colormix function which also comes with a wizard. The wizard produces a lot of script for an expression in this editor to work with colors. For Qlik Sense I have a more simple version for you.

The colormix1() function takes in three arguments. 1st: a number between 0 – 1, 2nd: the color which indicates (closest to) zero score, 3rd: the color which is 1 (‘one’).

So this function can help us with color coding a viz based on scoring. Handy right?

An example could be:

colormix1(sum(Amount) / max(total aggr(sum(Amount), Customer)), rgb(240,240,240), rgb(0,0,255))

When you use an expression like this in your visualization object in the settings under ‘Appearance’ > ‘Colors’ > Deactivate ‘Auto’ > ‘By Expression’ > With setting ‘The expression is a colorcode’, then the colors will be calculated based on the score in your data.


I hope these tips will help. Good luck!