Business analysis made (more) easy

Business AnalysisThe associative model (Green, White and Grey) within QlikView is really an important component. Combined with objects and charts from a ‘point-and-qlik-analysis’ perspective, apps can add substantial business benefits! Giving users this power is key for every application that is going to be developed. Keep that in mind.

Simplicity comes with a few principles which are crucial, in my opinion, for business users:

  1. The 10 second rule: this rule should help you give your users speed of thought interaction and analysis. It might not be 10 seconds for every task or screen, but keep in mind that every action or goal a user wants to achieve should not take to much of his time
  2. The 3 click rule: this rule should help any user not to keep clicking around in his search for information that will help him in his decision making process. Not every action or task can be developed with this rule in mind. But I guess everybody will know what the take away is for this.

An asset in every QlikView app could be a distribution of dimension values over any KPI. For example; the distribution of customers over sales buckets. A few benefits which come with these kind of visualizations are:

  1. Selection of customers within a specific range of performance
  2. Quick and easy analysis with ‘point-and-qlik’ and spotting the chunks of data on which a decision has to be made
  3. More freedom and flexibility for user driven analysis, for example; defining your own bucket size or the KPI on which you want to distribute dimension values

An example to get the idea:


Now any selection on one of these bars will activate a selection of the customers in this bucket. Very simple, very fast.

An other example is adding simple filters (listboxes) to the canvas with criteria based on the outcomes of a KPI. For example; adding a filter with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ based on whether a customer reached the margin target or not. This can be done by adding a listbox with a calculated dimension like:

, Customer)
>= 0.20
, 'Yes'
, 'No'

The listbox will look like this:

OnTarget listbox

Here the activated selection (‘Yes’) will only show customers which had a ‘gross margin %’ greater or equal to 20%.

Hopefully this helps with making your analysis for your users more easy. If so, please let me know and if you have any feedback or other great ideas for analysis please let me know.


Have fun!