Visual design: Affordances

Ever walked against a glass door? It most likely had something to do with missing affordances. According to Wikipedia the definition should be something like:

An affordance is a property of an object, or an environment, which allows an individual to perform an action. For example, a knob affords twisting, and perhaps pushing, while a cord affords pulling.

In a QlikView context this would mean giving the users clear, understandable and easy to use elements for performing their actions. But affordances come in many forms, good ones and bad ones. An affordance should always indicate or help with the preferred action.

A few examples that we come across in real-life:


All these examples also relate to how to give your user the best possible experience for accomplishing tasks. So help them clarify what you mean.

Have fun!


A big question you might have at some point could be:

What is design?

There is no real definition, formula or solid answer for that. The only thing I know is that design is everywhere around us. All that is made by humans is designed in someway.

Googling on: What is design?  Might clarify or explain a few things to you.