Steps in designing a dashboard

Designing a dashboard takes some thinking upfront, sketches/wireframes/mockups are often used before we come up with a first prototype of any dashboard design and implementation. I often start with writing down a table of content (sitemap) for a design. For me this helps me to see what I actually should take into account for adding visualizations that answer the right questions. Or this content gives me a good idea how people will want to explore the data with maximum freedom.

To have an idea what to expect with this post, see the design below:

Dashboard Example in QlikView

Dashboard Example in QlikView

I’m not going to make this a very long post, so here an app which gives you an idea how to get started with a typical dashboard interface. In the near future I will add more interfaces to this dashboard to help understand how I come up with more content around analysis, user journeys and types of insights.

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