Simple text link navigation

As we all know navigation within applications or the web is very important. It’s our backbone of finding the right information. Text links as we know them on the web are a simple way of navigating, everybody knows intuitively what they are meant for.

Using this intuitiveness in QlikView can be very effective. But we do want to give our users the best possible experience with these links. So thinking about design and behavior is very important. In words explained we want a link to behave as follows:

  1. A link should be blue and underlined
  2. When we click on a link we want it to redirect us to the area of interest we chose to go to
  3. A link which is activated should indicate this status, this can be done for example by color

So what can we do in QlikView to create a link with this behavior?

What we want looks something like this:

Simple text links

So what should we do?

  1. Create a button > plain background > 100% transparency > with the title text for the link
  2. Make the font blue and underline the text of the link
  3. Let the link redirect the user, when he clicks the link, to the content of choice. This can be done by setting the ‘action type’ on the actions tab to ‘activate sheet’ at the ‘layout’ type.
  4. Because we want the link to give an activated status when clicked, we have to assign a variable to this status. So creating a variable, for example ‘vLinkActivated’, for this is what we need to give the user this feedback.
  5. When the link is activated the variable should be the criteria for coloring the text link to another color. (like the one above) At the font tab we have to define this behavior with an if statement like:
    if(vActivatedLink = 1, rgb(224,0,27), rgb(0,97,175))
  6. So after configuring all your links like this you should have a working concept of this idea.

With this post I also attach a download with an application which gives you an idea of how to configure and implement this idea.

Have fun!