It is the year 2014. The 18th of September to be exact. At this day I published a post about ‘Link Analysis’. 2014, yes, that must have been QlikView.

We are now living in a Sense Era. So I need to rewrite a few of those old posts to bring this blog up to date. This post hopefully helps you guys to see that things from the past still can be achieved in this new age. I won’t bother you with copy-and-pasting a lot of the ideas I had back then for this visualization. You can, if you’d like, read the old blogpost.

The visualization for which I created a Sense version:

A notable difference to my old post is the way I calculate the colors in the Sense version for this visualization. In the old age I would always use the Colormix-wizard available in QlikView to calculate colors in a visualization. In an older post I also wrote about ‘Information design tips on Qlik Sense‘, in this post I looked at an alternative for calculating colors on a gradient scale between two color values. Check the app and chart properties to see what I mean.


The app containing the chart in the above image can be downloaded here.

Also the old app with the data used in this app can be downloaded.


If you have any questions or additions, let me know in the comments.