Quantified Self: DigiMe Project

Sometimes I write “I’ll be posting this or that somewhere in the future…” But actually my activities get distracted a lot by what I see and experience every day. Recently this again is the case. I’ve been quite interested in the ‘Quantified Self’ hype which is going on lately. I find it interesting to put ‘my’ data to work for me, I think (at least for now).

So at the moment, and since a few weeks, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Collecting all sorts of data concerning my daily routines, my interests, etc. I now made a start with collecting data that might be interesting for me. Hopefully this data could affect my life in a positive way in the future? I’m not sure yet, but the thought alone is intriguing.

Since I started collecting my musical behavior, I loaded the first data yesterday. This data gets collected via Last.fm. After that I enrich this data with the spotify API to get more metadata about these tracks. I already spotted some data quality issues for the extract that I did, but nevertheless this data and insights are interesting enough for me to life with that for now.

This is a result I came up with for now regarding my ‘audio’ profile. I’m not sure if I would call this a dashboard or an infographic. What do you think?

DigiMe Music Profile

I hope this makes sense or in the ideal situation ‘inspires’ somebody.

I just wanted to share this.

See you next post. 😉