Psychology of design

We all know the brain is a pretty sophisticated mechanism. After a lot of study and research, 50+ years later we don’t know a lot of it yet. Research until now has given us some insight in what the brain is capable of. We all probably have heard of the right and left side of the brain, after extensive study researchers concluded that the right brain is your creative part of the brain and the left side is the more cognitive side of the brain.

So why is this interesting for building QlikView apps?

Because these studies show that these sides work best when they work together, it will be very important to bring balance to your designs. Otherwise these hemispheres will have to process conflicting content. Add design to your analysis only when it clarifies the information you’re presenting your users. Otherwise leave it off.

To get a feeling for how this works, try the following exercise.

First read the words, after that read the colors in the words.


Which exercise was easier for you?

Amazing how these things sometimes work, right?

Although more recent studies have other findings on how the brain works. Until this exercise shows me no different results, I keep believing these halves both have their own skills. Curious how your own halves work? Here is a test you could try to get an indication:


Have fun!