A while ago I stumbled upon this website with executions in the state of Texas. Then you start thinking about all that happened and other intimidating stuff. After that it took me a while – after bookmarking the source – when I found it again in one of my bookmark collections.

This started me to think, after also doing some text analysis with the Twitter Analytics App,  that I could create some intriguing insights when loading this data into a dashboard. So I played around with it and created a sample app for myself to just see what would catch my attention.

Here’s the preview:


A few things popup:

  1. Most spoken words: Love, Family, You
  2. Interesting words: Mom, God, Innocent, Victims, Forgive, Apologize, Ready

The rest speaks for itself I think.

After I posted an update to Twitter, one of my co-workers – Murray Grigo-Mcmahon – posted some comments on designing data with this sensitivity, to which I completely agree. My challenge for you is to create, if you’re up for it, a new version of these insights with Murray’s comments. I will make sure your submissions will be showcased on this post.

If you wanna be able to have a more thorough look at this dashboard or want to participate in the challenge, you can download it here.

See u next time!



After the comments of a few highly respected Qlik fans I decided to add a new version that might be more aligned with the topic.