Designing layouts, using the Grid

Users (!) really like clean and simple user interfaces (UI). So knowing this should make us feel bad if we don’t come up with something that does just that, right?

Okay. Designing layouts for your UI then, is really key! Turns out we do have a lot of tools and techniques, even in QlikView, for making our work as developers (or should i say: designers?) more easy. To be able to help our users get the most out of their journey in finding what they need and helping them with their decision making process.

Using Grids

One very important technique is using grids. A few resources that help us understand what they are and what role they play, can be found here:

After reading, or at least grasping the concept of the grid, you should be able to start designing your UIs with a grid system of your choice. Loading one of the images (at the bottom of this page) in the background of your QlikView app should help you start your first ‘grid layout’.

Don’t forget to set your background image to:


The background of your app should look something like this now.


The only thing you do next is laying out your QV objects to the alignment and the number of columns you would like to have in a specific section.

Have fun!

Grid system images:

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