Design patterns: Star Qlothing app

Almost two years ago, I was curious what I could really do with QlikView and especially with the design piece of any app. I sat down for a week and came up with what I call the ‘Star Qlothing’ application. On a few occasions I was lucky enough to do a few sessions covering design and data visualization for the Q-Days and the Business Discovery World Tour. In most of these sessions I tried to show the art of the possible with QlikView. Some of the aspects I present and explain with this app, while demoing it, are:

  1. Freedom of design and interactionpostheader-star
  2. Interactive navigation, scrolling and table of contents
  3. Organizing information
  4. Creating points of view with business discovery
  5. Intuitive selections
  6. Variable user input to maximize analysis benefits
  7. Self service reporting
  8. Associative bench marking on variety of performance indicators
  9. Gamification
  10. Global search, advanced filtering and actionable insights
  11. Historical analysis
  12. What-if scenarios

When I first showed it at some hardcore Qlikkies they weren’t able to see that this app was build with QlikView. That was interesting for me to hear. For most apps we know what the design patterns are, because we see them every day and most inspiration comes off of our best practices team and their showcase;

Showing some other sides of QlikView can be interesting, in most cases people don’t realize what the true potential is. I see lots of apps every month and I really have to say that user adoption is highly affected by the effort you put into your design patterns for the user interface, data visualization and appropriate information design, clarity and structure in information architecture, which all adds up to a certain level of user experience. One of the causes for this subject to be ‘under water’ is the fact that more than 80% of developers come from an IT background. This means that focus on technology, features and programming is top of mind. My wish for the next few years is to see the rise of teams with more ‘user centric’ designers on board. Business discovery with all its facets is really a multi-disciplinary game, combining the right skills to simplify all these complex problems is key.

Back to where we left… The Star Qlothing app is here for everybody to learn from and (hopefully(or not?)) to extend your horizon. Download it and use it for your research, insights and inspiration for oncoming QlikView initiatives.

Any questions?


Note: If you decide to download the app, please give some feedback or tell me what you think of it.

Some screenshots

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