Crowd sourcing a Runkeeper dashboard

Getting healthy, we all want it. Running can be a way to get in shape, but running alone is not enough. A lot of runners use their smart phone or wearables to get insight into what their running activities look like. But does this give you all insights you would need to improve?

I would like to explore this question with the Qlik Community. Who is in for a challenge?

Good. I was already hoping for that answer 😉

With this post I will provide a runkeeper dashboard application build in QlikView 11. What I want to ask you guys is to help me to develop all insights that runners would need to gain the insights they need. This is a screenshot of the dashboard. Have a look at it:


Now, what I would like from our community is some requirements for being able to come up with a really nice ‘crowd sourced’ solution. This could then be distributed to people who would like to really analyse their running data. And YES, I will credit all people who influenced the final design in our solution when we launch it.

But to be able to come up with some relevant requirements, I know you guys want to have a look at the table and field structure first. So here we go:

Table: Runs


 Run_ID: Is the unique ID of the run
 RunDate: Is the date of the run
 AveragePace: Is the average pace of the run
 AverageSpeed: Is the average speed of the run
 CaloriesBurned: How many calories were burned during the run
 Climb: What elevation was climbed
 Distance: The total distance of the run
 Duration: The duration of the run
 Type: Type of the activity (Running / Cycling / Etc.)

Table: RunDetails

This table gives the full details for a Run_ID from the ‘Runs’ table. Runkeeper measures an interval every few seconds. This is what is defined as a measurement in the following table.


 Run_ID: See Table 'Runs'
 Date_ID: Same as RunDate
 Distance: Distance for a measured interval between two GPS coordinates
 ElapsedMinutes: Accumulated minutes from the StartTime till current measurement
 ElapsedTime: Accumulated time from the StartTime till current measurement
 ele: Elevation for current measurement
 lat: Latitude coordinate for current measurement
 lon: Longitude coordinate for current measurement
 OrigTime: Current DateTime stamp
 Pace: Pace for the current measurement
 PreID: ID of the previous record
 PreLat: Latitude coordinate of the previous record
 PreLon: Longitude coordinate of the previous record
 PreTime: Accumulated time of the previous record
 RowID: ID of the measurement
 StartTime: Starttime of the run
 time: Recorded time of the measured interval

I think if you guys come up with some inspirational views, features and/or requirements, we could together create a wonderful app.

I’m looking forward for your comments / requirements on this post. QlikShow now has around 100 subscribers who will get notified of this post. I think we could at least come up with somewhere around 25 comments with requirements, right?

For people who want a more detailed ‘deep dive’ into the app, here it is.

Have fun helping me! 😉


Note: You could also load your own data. Just download your data from runkeeper into a folder ‘Export’ that should reside in the same directory as where you saved this application. Then reload it to see your own data. Consider it my Christmas gift from me to you! Oh and… Lots of work already went into this solution by Me and Michael Anthony. Just so u know…