Creating a grid heat chart

In this tutorial you will learn about the creation and value of a grid heat chart. To be able to develop this chart we advice you to download the necessary QlikView file, it can be found at: app.qvw

Spotting seasonal trends will in most cases be done with a line chart. But in some cases when you want to add multiple dimensions and measures to an insight, you’ll have to choose an alternative. This tutorial will help you to develop a grid chart with seasonal insights over two different measures; revenue in bubble size and net margin in color-coded heatmap.

Adding a new chart to the canvas


After making a copy of the sheet ‘TPL 1’, and adding a new title to this sheet, for example ‘Grid heat chart’, you should add a new chart object to the canvas.

1. Right click on the canvas, choose: New Sheet Object > Chart > Grid Chart
2. Click Next >

Adding the dimensions


For this chart we need two dimensions:

1. Add ‘MonthName2’, and rename the label to “Month”
2. Add ‘Product Group’

Adding the expression


To calculate the revenue use the following expression:


The label for this expression should be “Revenue”.

After adding this expression click ‘Finish’. Your chart now looks like this:

Configuring the chart


This chart isn’t finished as it is shown here. We still have to apply some (information) design to it to make it work.

Try and restyle


For this exercise try to design the chart you have now to the one above.

Hint 1: The same color scheme as used in the exercise for Creating a distribution bar chart
Hint 2: Use the expression for ‘Net margin %’ for calculation of the colorscheme

Have fun!

Additional exercise

Write down a few advantages and disadvantages regarding the insightfulness of this chart.

Hint 1: Look at page 10 of the pdf file “Communicating_Numbers”, look for “ENCODE QUANTITATIVE DATA

Hint 2:


The chart above is a line chart showing the revenue per product group. It does not give insight into ‘Net margin %’ but comparing the chart against the grid chart should give some interesting thoughts.