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How does weather influence your performance?

As our intro picture already cryptically explained. In a lot of cases weather should be considered an important factor when looking for correlation (<> causation). In this picture both variables are dependant on the weather. A no brainer, I know. More and more companies are looking into this subject to understand where these correlations exist. […]

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Explaining calculation models with hierarchy diagrams?

In mostĀ of my presentations I often showcase the logical relationships in a KPI framework. The way data can be analysed using these models is often a good thing to consider in your overall design of an analytics solution. This post is just about that. Visualizing the hierarchy that can exist in a dataset or KPI […]

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Business analysis made (more) easy

The associative model (Green, White and Grey) within QlikView is really an important component. Combined with objects and charts from a ‘point-and-qlik-analysis’ perspective, apps can add substantial business benefits! Giving users this power is key for every application that is going to be developed. Keep that in mind. Simplicity comes with a few principles which […]

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