Better UX: Use wildcard search




Search is hot, it’s been around for a while, but still this is a huge topic. Searching is something we do everyday not only digital. I search for my pen every day, often I think colleagues stole it 😉

When searching for data in QlikView, the default setting for this is ‘normal search’, this type of search will let the data model return any values that exactly match the phrase you punched in. Now, for a more free-format and typo-resistant type of search, I would give my users ‘wildcard search’. This search will match any character that you typed, regardless if these characters match the string exactly.

So this will return any hits that matches somewhere in any string in the data.

You can edit this setting globally under: Settings > Document properties > Presentation > and then set the default search mode to: “Wildcard Search”.


Hope this simple tip helps improving your users’ experience.